Pied Piper Malone


This silent movie was filmed in Georgetown in 1923 and featured many local residents as extras. It is the story of Jack Malone who went to sea as Second Mate on a commercial vessel, the S.S. Langland. He was in love with a pretty schoolteacher, Patty Thomas. While Jack was at sea, a violent storm sank the ship but all men were saved. Back in port, the First Mate, Charlie Crosby, spread the rumor that the ship sank because Jack and the Captain were both drunk. The remainder of the film shows Jack trying to put things right with the townspeople who lose faith in him and the captain. The children never lose their faith in their “Pied Piper” and help Jack to right the wrong done to him.

This film was “lost” for many years until it was discovered in a film archive in Russia.




DVD, black and white, no soundtrack, 77 minutes in length. Includes an illustrated booklet with the history of the film.


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