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 at The History Center 


 Hours: Tues-Fri 11-4, Sat 11-3 

Closed Sunday & Monday


Coming Events For 2018


Tuesday, June 5th                                          Gloria Barr Ford "Gullah Times" Lecture

               5:30 pm

Tuesday, June 12th                                       Members Only Reception 

               5:30 pm


Tuesday, July 3rd

              6:00 pm                                            4th of July Patriotic Concert with Lisa Perry

Tuesday, August 7th                                      Dr. Jusuf Saleeby 

             5:30 pm                                           "Dr. Simon Baruch, A Pioneering American Physician" Lecture 

Tuesday, September 5th                              Cara Schildknecht

              5:30 pm                                       “What We Do to Protect Clean Water& What You Can Do to Help”

Tuesday, October 2nd                                 Roger Mower   “Mill Grove, Home of John James Audubon”


            5:30 pm 

Tuesday, November 6th                             Ted Gragg

            5:30 pm                                           “Guns of the PeeDee, Search and Recovery of
                                                                     the Warship CSS PeeDee’s Cannons”