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Recent Additions


"1773"Bell which stood next the the original kitchen to the old "Greenwich Plantation House" built before the Revolution.  It was located at the edge of town and faced the bay.  In 1865 the house burned by a slave riot initiated by Federal troops.  The kitchen is still standing located on James Street now made into a private residence.  The cast iron bell weighing 100 lbs is placed outside in front of our Museum.   A fabulous piece of Georgetown history for our collection.  Donated in memory of Bernard & Clara Hamlin by their five daughters.  

"1852"  five gallon syrup jug made by "Dave the Slave-also known as "Dave the Potter" and in the last years of his life took the name of David Drake.  He was born around 1800-1801 and deceased in mid 1870"s and lived in and around Edgefield, SC center of alkaline glazed stoneware.   He was unique not only for his talent in making jugs (important for their size) but could also read and write and you will see his name "Dave" , a date and sometimes verses of original poetry incised on the jug.  His work has found a home in many Museums here in SC and across the country.  We are forturnate to have this artifact in our collection.  Donated by The Lachicotte Family Partnership.