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Entertainment Collection

With the dawn of the 20th Century, people began to enjoy some time away from their daily work and the movie industry provided a new and exciting diversion. The local theaters, the Peerless, the Palace, and later, the Strand, showed the latest Hollywood films and leading ladies and dashing gentlemen were delighting audiences daily.
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Georgetown saw its share of Hollywood glamour when “Pied Piper Malone” was filmed here in 1923. Over the course of the 20th Century, Georgetown has been host to several film companies while work was shot on movies both downtown and in the surrounding areas.

A program from the Palace Theater invites its patrons to see Gary Cooper in “The Adventures of Marco Polo” costarring Basil Rathbone. And don’t forget the Night Owl Show beginning Saturday night at 10:45 for the admission price of 16 – 25 cents